Sarvajanik Centre for Training & Certificate Courses

About SES


Sarvajanik Education Society, a premier educational institution established in surat in 1912 with the management of just one secondary school, then known as the English school (Dhingali School – Doll’s School) is today 104 years old and has under its care 35 institution imparting education from pre-school level to post graduate level covering variety of disciplines including engineering and management education. Society also has under its umbrella two research institutions –one for Languages and social sciences and one for Environmental Engineering.

Right from its inception the Sarvajanik Education Society has survived and thrived, solely on the charity of philanthropic institutions and individuals. Its objective as incorporated in its constitution is to spread education among people at affordable cost. Thus, Sarvajanik Education Society is one of those rare institutions, which keep profit motive out of their operative fields and activities. Even then, it has made constant and steady progress. Thanks to the wholehearted support of its well- wishers of this region, in various parts of the India and abroad. A very large number of its part students have settled abroad and in acknowledgement of the education they received at Sarvajanik Education Society, continue to extend their help, in every respect.

The Sarvajanik Education Society has always enjoyed high reputation, public faith for its noble tradition of honest, transparent and democratic management. It has earned people’s trust that every farthing given to it is well used for the benefit of people and the future generation.